Brand Development

At Blue Shell Interactive, we inspire strong connections
between brand and consumer that allow our clients to
become real, recognizable and relatable overnight.

From creating a vision to establishing an identity, we do
all we can to help our clients build their brands from the
ground up. If you come to us with an idea, then we have
the tools and talents to bring it to life.

We also recognize the importance of first impressions,
and produce professional quality business cards that
will guarantee yours are never forgotten.

Pricing Options

We know you’re on a budget, and
we’re here to help. With affordable
prices, high-quality products and
exceptional customer service, we
make your investment worth it.

Common FAQs

If you have a question, then we have
the answer. Click here for the most
frequently asked questions from our
prospective clients. We hope you find
what you’re searching for!

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Brand Development - Choose Your Branding Option

Logo Design

Business Cards

Branding Suite

Unique and original logo designs that establish your business and represent your brand.

Professional quality business cards guaranteed to solidify your first impressions.

Branded print and web material including emails, stationary and much more.
$300.00 - 500.00

$25.00 - 50.00

Call for more info
*Additional branding is available upon request - call for more information

Brand Development - Frequently Asked Questions

I need a logo. Do you have creative control or can I draw it out myself?
You can come to us with a design already drawn-out, and we will do our best to produce your logo to meet your wishes, but ultimately Blue Shell retains creative control, as we take pride and ownership over what we put into the world.
Do you offer basic design templates for logos, fonts and color schemes?
We offer a wide range of basic templates for logos, websites and social media profiles, as well as an array of different color schemes and fonts to choose from.
I want to make a lasting first impression. Do you design business cards?
Absolutely. At Blue Shell Interactive, we design original business cards guaranteed to make your business stand out from the competition.

How many redesigns are allowed for a logo before being charged extra?
Customers will be allowed two review sessions and revisions to their logo design before being charged for the extra work. This rule is designed to ensure that we meet our clients' goals without sacrificing time, budget and efficiency.
Do you design brochures, posters, t-shirts and apparel?
All of the above, but keep in mind the cost of apparel is a separate and additional charge from the overall cost of the design.
Can you copy a design I found online for my business?
While we may be able to make a design similar to the one you found online, we cannot copy another design as it would be a case of copyright infringement.


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