Growing your business, keeping up with online trends, and establishing your online presence.

Actively Pursuing Perfection

In today’s busy world, many small business owners either do not have the time, or
do not know how to meet their marketing needs. At Blue Shell Interactive,
we have the digital know-how to help put your business ahead of the competition.

From web design, branding and marketing to social media and beyond,
Blue Shell Interactive uses state-of-the-art techniques and cutting
edge technology to help our clients reach their full potential.

At Blue Shell Interactive, we aim to ease the pains of small business marketing by
providing affordable and exciting ways for small businesses to market themselves,
or their products, in the Digital Age. Furthermore, we help our clients establish
credibility for their businesses by enhancing their overall online presence.

Fueled by creative passion, Blue Shell founders, John Mantz and Dan Burdick,
guarantee an engaged, detailed and personal approach to each and every client.
With a remarkable skillset to prove it, Blue Shell Interactive is the revolutionary
marketing agency guaranteed to take your business to the next level.

Our Services ❯

Brand Development

Building a brand isn't easy, but we're
here to help. With everything from
original logo designs to professional
business cards, we do it all to boost
your brand and establish credibility
for your business.

Website Design

Every successful business is going to
need a good website. Blue Shell sites
are always up-to-date with the latest
technologies including cutting-edge
designs, responsive optimization,
SEO and more.

Video Marketing

If you have been trying to find a more
innovative way to connect with your
customers then look no further. With
online video marketing, your business
is sure to form lasting relationships
with your client base.

Social Media

Social networking is the new frontier,
and you can't afford to be left behind.
Through precise and practical social
media strategies, we aim to enhance
brand conversation and grow your
online community.


From idea to implementation, we are
here to help you build your business
from the ground up. With hands-on
experience and analytics, we are sure
to help you reach your marketing and
business objectives.