Video Marketing

With the most innovative video marketing techniques,
we allow our clients to communicate their brand story,
explain their value proposition and build relationships
with their customers and prospects.

We produce shareable marketing campaigns, both live-
action and animated, and circulate them across multiple
media platforms and digital channels.

From writing and directing to shooting and editing, we
employ a creative approach to produce quality, eye-
catching video content with impressive results.

Pricing Options

We know you’re on a budget, and
we’re here to help. With affordable
prices, high-quality products and
exceptional customer service, we
make your investment worth it.

Common FAQs

If you have a question, then we have
the answer. Click here for the most
frequently asked questions from our
prospective clients. We hope you find
what you’re searching for!

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Video Marketing - Choose Your Video Option

Video Editing



Finalize your video content with extraordinary intros, transitions and special effects.

Intrigue your client base with original and thought-provoking animation and motion graphics.

Showcase your business with interviews, testimonials, product reviews, webinars and tutorials.
$50.00 / hr

$1,000.00 - 1,500.00

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*Additional costs include software and equipment expenses if necessary

Video Marketing - Frequently Asked Questions

Which social platforms should I be using to post my video content?
We recommend posting videos to as many social channels as possible in order to increase overall exposure. Every business is different and has different target audiences, but you can bet YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and Facebook are good places to start.
When it comes to editing, who has the final say? Blue Shell or me?
While we maintain creative control over the editing process, ultimately our clients have final sign-off before their videos go out to the world.
What’s the difference in cost between a live-action video and an animated one?
Generally speaking, animated spots require more time and effort on our part, so these projects tend to carry a heftier price tag in comparison to live-action.

If you guys need an extra day for shooting, does that come out of my pocket?
For video projects, the production budget will be discussed and negotiated with clients before shooting commences. In most cases, an extra day of shooting will already be factored into the production budget and timeline before the start of shooting.
When it comes to casting, who has the final say, Blue Shell or me?
We allow our clients to be the judge of that. Friends, employees, or even professional actors are all viable options depending on our client's preference.
Do you produce commercials for television as well as online?
At this time we only produce videos for distribution online. However, in the near future, we expect to produce commercials for television as well.


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