8 Reasons to Have an Expert Build Your Website

Posted on: March 14, 2019

8 Reasons to Have an Expert Build Your WebsiteFor a business of any size, having a compelling website is absolutely crucial to customer conversion. Not only does it further legitimize your brand or service, but it also directly influences your ability to be easily found on a search engine. Did you know Google actually rewards websites for mobile optimization and faster load times? These are important things to consider when building your website and promoting your business. While there are many reasons to hire an experienced professional, we will explore 8 of the most prominent ones below:

1. Picking a website builder that makes the most sense. Website development has become a crowded market, and the push toward DIY website builders is now more prominent than ever. Some of these user-friendly platforms include Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, and WordPress, but it is not so easy to determine which might be right for you. Having an expert curate a website builder based on your needs will align you with the best platform available for your business.
2. An expert to answer questions when you have them. Having a dedicated resource to build and maintain your website is often invaluable. They can conceptualize, bring your vision to life, or even provide suggestions on ways to improve. As their reputation partially relies on your success, they will stay closely connected throughout the process, and be able to address your concerns as they come up. In other words, you have not only procured their ability to build a website, but also their knowledge, insight and experience.

3. Minimize margin of error, mistakes and delays. If you are unfamiliar with the intricacies of building a website, there is more of a chance a mistake could be made along the way. This may result in a delay in development, or even a flaw in design. Working with an expert with years of experience and an impressive portfolio will help you to stay on schedule and deliver on all of your expectations.

4. Building a complete website requires technical knowledge. Three important aspects of high-level working websites are SEO, reliability, and cost optimization. These things require an intimate understanding of various platform integrations, secure hosting solutions, and web development trends that are not likely to be recognized by the average user. Delegating this type of work to a professional is a great way for a business owner to ensure an optimal setup and implementation when moving forward with their website.

5. Working with a professional will encourage customization. While ‘Out-of-the-box’ websites are without a doubt a great way to get started, they tend to be very limited in their nature. Customizing templates is often easier said than done, but a good website company will be able to modify, transform, and manipulate design layouts to give a website a unique sense of identity and originality.

6. You are the Captain of a talented crew. Though your web company may push you in certain directions, you will always have the final say as Captain of the project. As for your crew, they will follow instructions, patiently work with you, and strive to make your vision come to life.

7. Better plugins for better websites. For those not familiar with the concept of plugins, imagine a solution that can cut development time and expand capability. Well look no further, as website plugins do exactly that, and peer reviews can be found all over the place. An expert will be familiar with the plugins marketplace, and be more likely to easily integrate them with your web platform.

8. Social Media shout outs! Working with a digital design firm like Blue Shell Interactive, you’ll often benefit from the perks of free promotion, as we share your project details across various social media platforms. We take pride in helping our customers and want to see their business flourish. That being said, our efforts reach beyond our digital marketing services, and we are sure to give you the help you need to grow online.

In summary, picking the right website company will assure both quality and efficiency, and even free up time for you to focus on other areas of your business. Get the peace of mind you need and let us worry about your online presence.

If you’re interested in building a website for your business, or even improving an existing one, then contact us today for a free consultation.

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