The Importance of Analytics and Measurement in Social Media

Posted on: April 1, 2019

The Importance of Analytics and Measurement in Social MediaSocial media has become one of the most important marketing platforms for small businesses, but what exactly makes it so valuable? The answer lies in numbers, and more specifically, the number of people interacting on social media everyday. While it is a well-known fact that millennials are among the most socially active on the internet, potential prospects of all ages have added social media to their daily routine, in greater numbers than ever imagined.

It is for this reason that business owners must understand the importance of analytics and measurement in social media. Measurements, commonly referred to in the industry as metrics, can help business owners establish and track key performance indicators (KPIS), create goals, develop customer personas, and analyze marketing performance across numerous channels. At the same time, measuring social media allows companies to visualize growth and validate whether a marketing campaign is flourishing or failing. Most importantly, these measurements give marketers greater insight into customer behavior than ever before.

Analytics take it one step further with demographics, locations and affinities that allow business owners to better identify their target audience. They are absolutely essential to helping your business thrive. With so much opportunity to turn this data into business intelligence, it would be irresponsible for any type of business to leave themselves in the dark. But let’s face it: running a business is stressful enough, and adding another variable to the equation may seem a bit overwhelming. That is where a digital marketing agency steps in.

At Blue Shell Interactive, we will not only configure your website with Google Analytics, but also monitor your growth and opportunities. Additionally, we understand insights and analytics relative to your social media accounts, and can help you leverage this type of information to meet your marketing goals. In other words, you can get back to focusing on your business while we handle the numbers.

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